8 Reasons this is the only Burgundy Rugby World Cup blog you need

The Pinot Front Row

Here are 8 reasons why The Pinot Front Row is the only blog you need for planning your dream Rugby World Cup trip to Burgundy:

1. The writer actually lives in Burgundy (but certainly isn’t French)

2. The writer has seen and done many fun and interesting things all over the Burgundy region

3. The places written about in this blog, the writer has actually been to

4. The writer is a lifelong lover of the game of rugby

5. The writer continues to play rugby in Burgundy (albeit poorly)

6. The writer loves the wines of Burgundy

7. The writer loves Guinness just as much as he loves the wines of Burgundy

8. The writer would like to share with you the same travel ideas and advice he's constantly giving to his friends and family for their upcoming Rugby World Cup trips!

Yours in rugby,

The Pinot Front Row

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