The best Dijon pubs for a Guinness

Man enjoying a Guinness watching rugby in Dijon

Pub Mac Callaghan

8 Rue Bannelier, Dijon

Located right next to the central market hall, Pub Mac Callaghan is a convenient and welcoming spot in Dijon for a Guinness. It has all the regulars on tap, offers a decent range of pub grub, and has seating both in and outdoors.

Inside it is spacious enough, and where you’ll need to be to see the rugby on their big screen, but get there early if it’s a big match. On warm days punctuality is also recommended as the terrace can fill up quickly given the location.

For The Pinot Front Row, Pub Mac Callaghan is usually the go to spot for both a Guinness and to watch the rugby, indeed their winning formula: “Beer, Fish and Chips and a rugby game” should be evidence enough!



4 Place Saint Bénigne, Dijon

A true and homely Irish pub in Dijon, Flannery’s is a great spot to put away a Guinness or three in the shade of the Cathédrale Saint-Bénigne.

You’ll notice it from afar too, with it’s green windows and shades skirted by rows of green tables, good if you can nab one. Inside the interior is decked out in wood and does a decent job of creating that welcoming atmosphere one expects from their local Irish pub. All the usual pub fare is there too, and like every good Irish pub, expect the rugby to be on.

Only an occasional rugby watching pub for The Pinot Front Row, but when he's there it ends up being a good night!


Au Bureau

2 Place de la République, Dijon

Located prominently at the corner of the Place de la Republique, Au Bureau is a French chain pub that is a feature of most reasonably sized French towns and cities. But don’t let that put you off, the menu is extensive with some great options, both French and not, and the bar is very well equipped (Guinness included!). Add to that a good atmosphere and a cavernous space, and it’s easy to see why this is a popular spot amongst the locals looking for a generous feed.

Adding to the appeal they often have live music, though you can be sure they’ll also be showing most sports across their many screens, rugby included.

For The Pinot Front Row, given the proximity of Au Bureau to his house, he’s a frequent visitor here.


The Blue Dog

1 Place Émile Zola, Dijon

A well-known and well-frequented Dijon pub prominently located at Place Emile Zola. Great for a beer on warm day, so make sure to look for a spot outside on the expansive terrace that stretches all the way to the fountain. They’ve also got food although it’s more than likely you’ll come for their vast selection of beers (with a dedicated tap for Guinness of course).

The rugby will be on, though you won’t see anything from the terrace. Better to settle in, soak up the atmosphere, and indulge in a bit of people watching, a favored Pinot Front Row pastime.


Camden Café

22-24 Place Émile Zola, Dijon

An unapologetically British pub. Inside things are nice enough, though the real action happens outside on the large and lively terrace. Sink a Guinness while watching the goings on a Place Emile Zola, a lively square frequented by Dijon’s younger residents. Enjoy the usual pub food and rugby on the screen, though take note as the sun sets, the place can get pretty lively in the evenings as revelers flock to the area and to Camden Café.

For The Pinot Front Row, Camden Café is perhaps less a place to watch rugby than somewhere for shots and talking shite until late.

The Barbarians Pub

2B Rue François Jouffroy, Dijon

Another fine British pub in Dijon and very near Camden Café at Place Emile Zola. The prominent red entryway is hard to miss. And with limited space outdoors most of the action happens inside this cosy and welcoming pub. Friendly staff, comfortable seating and the rugby on, its a great choice for Guinness and a game of pool in Dijon.

That's not to say it doesn't get lively, and you'll like meet some interesting characters the later it gets, and perhaps you'll even bump into The Pinot Front Row who is a regular here.

Yours in rugby, 

The Pinot Front Row

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